International Shipping Policy

Free Shipping on orders over $50*

Free Shipping on orders over $50*

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Absolutely yes. We strive to provide our international customers with the same quality of service for which we’re so highly regarded here in the US. For non-oversized packages (i.e. almost everything except wheels, frames, and bikes) we ship internationally via UPS. For larger packages we ship via UPS as well. In addition, we must ship liquids and powders via UPS since USPS will not ship these.

Please note that you will inevitably have to pay duties, customs, taxes, etc, on your order once it arrives. Given that these costs vary based on your country of residence and the value of your order, we are unable to provide you with any information or estimates of these expenses. If you refuse a package due to sticker shock over the amount of these fees, you will be charged for both outgoing and incoming shipping fees, and you will also be responsible for any refused shipment charges.

We are unable to provide any currency conversion information, as your bank or credit card will have its own methodology for such a currency exchange. You can use websites such as to get a good guess as to current exchange rates.

We are sometimes asked to minimize the declared value of international shipments in order to minimize your exposure to duties, taxes, and customs. Please don’t bother to ask. We will not comply with such requests for two reasons: (1) Governments scare us. Our belief is that lying to a government is something to be saved for special occasions. We don’t do it as a regular business practice. (2) The insured value of an international shipment cannot exceed its declared value for customs.

If necessary, international callers can reach us at 00 1 801 736 6396. The only exception is Australian callers, who’ll need to dial us at 0111 1 801 736 6396.


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